Hello Didi and all,

Thank you for that documentation... I actually looked at something similar ( 
 ) before writing.   Regarding the Section 3.1 "Disaster Recovery Guide -- 
Active-Passive" method...  I need to understand what this means, "Storage 
domains that contain virtual machine disks and templates in the primary site 
must be replicated".  What does the document mean by "replicated"?  To use the 
document terminology, we have a Site A (SAN LUN A) and Site B (SAN LUN B) which 
is asynchronously (3 hour) replication of the VMs, and if Site A goes away, we 
can present LUN B to Site B oVirt cluster KVM host.   After presentation, I 
assumed I would have to create a new Storage Domain and affix the LUN B to it.  
However the documentation says "site must be replicated", so what exactly does 
that mean, compared to what we are doing/thinking?   Another thing I noticed in 
looking into this is an Imported Domain (from an Exp
 ort Domain) presents a "VM Import" TAB in the Storage Domain details, while a 
regular Storage Domain setup does not appear to offer that -- unless this is a 
conditional thing?   (And of course when Site A goes down I cannot perform a 
detach of an exported storage domain.)   If I create the Site B oVirt cluster 
new Storage Domain for the LUN B, will that present a "VM Import" function tab? 
 (In order to grab the VM info from the LUN B and import it into the cluster.)  
I'm also looking to avoid needing to delve into the Ansible scripts, if the 
needed functionality for recovery can be done in oVirt/KVM.  

Many thanks again.  
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