When starting my ovirt installation again ovirt was not working and after
some troubleshooting it seemed that some certs where expired.

So I basically did this redhat solution:

And afterwards I had this in the UI:

sun.security.validator.validatorexception: pkix path validation failed

So tried this:

Now I do get to the ovirt UI however the datacenter and storage is not
coming up. I see in the events:
VDSM myhost.example.local command Get Host Capabilities failed: Received
fatal alert: certificate_expired

On the vdsmd side on the host I see:
ERROR ssl handshake: SSLError, address: ::ffff:

I don't know to which service it tries to connect and so what certificate
is expired or how to replace it.

I just want to get the ovirt back up and running properly so I can start my

Thanks in advance.
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