To whom it may concern

I have been using oVirt in an HCI environment for over 5 years.
The reason why I chose oVirt (most attractive point of oVirt for me) was
that it is easy to build an HCI environment with GUI deployment.

Now, I found out that the deployment by GUI has been deprecated (from ovirt4.5) on your forum site, and that all the contents related to HCI were deleted (dropped) in your official installation guide site.

It seems that oVirt will not be able to build HCI environment in the future.
So I'm very worried about whether I can continue to use oVirt as before.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me about your prospects regarding oVirt as HCI.

For your reference below.

On 4.5.3 oVirt host, Gluster deployment was done with GUI,
but hosted-engine had to be deployed with CLI.

On 4.5.4 oVirt host, Guster deployment failed with GUI,
so subsequent hosted-engine deployment could not proceed.
('str object' has no attribute 'vgname')

Best regards,

Kanehisa Tarui
Tokyo, Japan
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