Hi there,

We've decided to use oVirt for our school datacenter and I'm setting up a PoC 
to show it could work for our needs.
So far, I've managed to deploy a single hosted engine to iSCSI by using the 
hosted-engine deploy script. So far, so good, I can create VMs, I've had a few 
problems, but nothing I couldn't figure out.

What got me confused is the KeyCloak link with oVirt. My goal is to allow 
students to register to oVirt so that they can spin up VMs, images, and so on.
I've created a group in KeyCloak named "ovirt-student" that is automatically 
assigned to new users. 
I have also linked oVirt to this group by going into the engine web UI and 
adding the group to oVirt's group list.

I have given system permissions to the ovirt-student group such as VMCreator. 
I've then tried to connect to a dummy user called "test". My results are as 
follows :
- The user does not seem to have the correct rights as it cannot create new VMs 
in the VM portal;
- The admin interface does not suggest the user is a part of the ovirt-student 

However, when I add the test user to the ovirt-administrator group, no problem 
at all, the user is an admin, alright.

My question is as follows : what do I need to do so that the groups in KeyCloak 
and oVirt are synced ?

Thanks a lot,

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