anyone please? what do you think? do you see any potencial problems?

Dne 19/12/2022 v 11:06 marek napsal(a):

i have standalone ovirt-engine 4.4.4 (centos8 stream)

few hosts (mix of old centos 8.2, centos 8 stream, rocky linux)

can you confirm if this upgrade path is ok?

first round
- update engine to 4.4.10
- update OS on engine to last centos 8 stream (can i upgrade to some point in time recommended for 4.4.10?)
- update hosts to ovirt 4.4.10
- update OS on hosts to last centos 8 stream and rocky linux 8.6

special case in first round - centos 8.2
- migrate OS on hosts from centos 8.2 to rocky linux 8.6
- update hosts to ovirt 4.4.10

second round
- update engine to 4.5.4
- update hosts to ovirt 4.5.4
- update OS on hosts - centos 8 stream - is ALREADY on last update from first round
- update OS on hosts - rocky linux - from 8.6 to 8.7

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