Simple question - does procedure to renew certificates affects running virtual 

I have a question regarding renewing certificates that are about to expire. I 
have a cluster with 5 hosts and a self-hosted engine. I have already updated 
the host certificates by logging in to each host, migrating virtual machines 
from that host to another, putting it into maintenance mode, and enrolling 
certificates via the web interface.

Now, I have a question regarding renewing Engine certificates (self signed). I 
know the procedure is to log in to the host where the hosted engine is running 
(Host1 in my case), put it into global maintenance mode via the command 
"hosted-engine --set-maintenance --mode=global," and then log in to the Engine 
and run the command "engine-setup --offline" to renew it.

My question is, will these two commands affect the running virtual machines on 
Host1 (where the hosted-engine is also hosted) and virtual machines on other 
hosts? Will they be shut down? Should I migrate virtual machines first from 
Host1 to some other host and then run the commands?

I have a lot of virtual machines that i can't shut down or restart, any way to 
do it without that?

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