I recently began managing an Ovirt cluster.  It has 5 cpu nodes and 3 gpu nodes 
in two clusters.  When I started it was at 4.2.8 with a standalone engine.  I 
have henceforth been steadily upgrading it to 4.5.4.  I followed the upgrade 
guide and was successful in upgrading all 9 nodes from 4.2 to 4.3.10.  I then 
upgraded the engine to centos 8 with 4.4 engine.  I then rebuilt each of the 
nodes in the two data clusters to centos 8 ovirt 4.4 using the ovirt node 
installer iso.  They all joined the engine correctly.  I then upgraded the 
compatibility to 4.3 in both clusters and rebooted all the running VM's to also 
be at 4.3 compatibility.  I then upgraded the engine to 4.5.4 and proceeded to 
upgrade two nodes to 4.5.4.  They were successful and reattached to the engine 
correctly.  Here is where my issue arises.  Any VM that I migrate to the 4.5.4 
node from a 4.4.10 node migrates correctly and then within 5 minutes will 
automatically migrate back.  If I force pin a VM it stays running.  
 I have searched the logs but not found anything to explain such behavior.

Any assistance or idea ?
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