i would like to create a bookmark which scrolls to a position within the pdf. 
For that purpose I've tried to use a PDPageXYZDestination, which
comes with a setTop method.
Does anyone know, how setTop works in combination with and without 
page.Rotation and what exactly should be the behavior ?
I would like to have similar scroll behavior like in web webbrowsers, right now 
it seems to only scroll to the correct page.
The Acrobat Pdf Reader shows different sroll behaviours if I click on the 
bookmarks. I guess it depends on the zoom and display resolution, if a complete 
fits into a screen or not?

    final PDPageXYZDestination dest =   new PDPageXYZDestination();
    dest.setTop((int) ?); // is this value befor rotation , after rotation ?
   PDOutlineItem pdOutlineItem = new PDOutlineItem();

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