From what I'm reading on ISO 32000, the certification Signature is a normal signature, but with a DocMDP transform method. So the ou should do something like this:

   PDSignature signature = new PDSignature;
   [..] //do your thing
   COSDictinary dictionary = signature.getCOSObject();

   //Create a reference dictionary
   COSDictionary reference = new COSDictionary();
   reference.setItem("Type", COSName.getPDFName("SigRef"));
   reference.setItem("TransformMethod", COSName.getPDFName("DocMDP"));
   reference.setItem("DigestMethod", COSName.getPDFName("SHA1"));
   //Only MD5 or SHA1... Go with the least worse

   //Now we add DocMDP specific stuff
   COSDictionary transformParameters = new COSDictionary();
   transformParameters.setInteger("P", <1, 2 or 3>); // 1- no changes
   permited; 2- fill forms and signing; 3- Same as 2 plus annotation
   creation, deletion an modification.
   transformParameters.setItem("V", COSName.getPDFName("1.2")); // This
   is right, it's a name, not a number.

   // Add everything in order
   reference.setItem("TransformParams", transformParameters ); // Add
   DocMDP stuff to the SigRef Dictionary;
   COSArray references = new COSArray();
   references.add(reference); // Add SigRef Dictionary to a Array
   dictionary.setItem("Reference", reference); // Add Array to
   Signature dictionary

I didn't try it myself, just wrote based on PdfBox API and ISO specification. May have errors.

On 18/10/2016 06:12, Damien Butaye wrote:
Hello Tilman,

  Here follows two links explaining the difference :



2016-10-18 8:49 GMT+02:00 Tilman Hausherr <>:

Dear all,

    I'm looking for a solution to certify a PDF. Currently I'm able to
sign a
PDF using PDFBox but I can't certify it. Is-it possible to do it with

Thank you for your help!

What's the difference? (See my other answer from today)


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