Please be aware that memory consumption doesn't mean anything if you're not getting an out of memory exception.

PDFBox does a lot of "soft" / "weak" caching to speed up things. These resources are released when memory is needed.

I suggest you set a -Xmx value and then test whether your files files work or not.


Am 09.08.2017 um 14:13 schrieb Tretonio Tretis:
High memory consumption for viewing using

PDFRenderer renderer = new PDFRenderer (document);

BufferedImage pageImage = renderer.renderImage (pageNumber, 1.3f);

In a pdf example 450 pages, every time I go displaying a new page the
memory is growing.

I'm trying to render using javaFX, and apparently it's using less memory
than awt.

What do you guys think of this, suggest something to optimize memory

Thank you

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