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De: Tilman Hausherr <>
Enviado: jueves, 08 de febrero de 2018 09:58 p.m.
Asunto: Re: DrawPrintTextLocations doesn't match character box


One can't get the bounding box from a path because it's a PDF stream.
All we have there is the first PDF operator from the charproc, here:
"0.602 0 -0.35 -0.968 0.734 1.075 d1". If that one is incorrect... too bad.


Am 08.02.2018 um 22:45 schrieb Esteban R:
> Hello. The boxes drawn with DrawPrintTextLocations for the following PDF file 
> (simplification of a real-life doc) are not what I expected (they contain a 
> lot of white space):
> See the output here:
> Please note: if I select the text in Adobe Reader, the selection is bigger 
> than expected, too.
> What is wrong? Can I somehow get the smaller box that encloses the char or, 
> at least, tell that something is wrong?
> The font is a Type3 font.
> Esteban

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