2019-08-13 10:16:08 UTC - Zhenhao Li: in the overview, it is not super clear 
what Journal storage's role is. Why do you need a transaction log if data are 
already persisted in the ledges in append-only fashion?
2019-08-13 10:19:09 UTC - Kim Christian Gaarder: So, about the intended 
behavior or Consumer.seek. Is it correct that when you seek to either 
Message.earliest or a specific message, then you get inclusive semantics, but 
when you seek to Message.latest then you get exclusive semantics. If so this 
makes it kind of hard go directly to the last message without using the admin 
2019-08-13 10:56:52 UTC - Alexandre DUVAL: Hum, will read code.
2019-08-13 12:23:23 UTC - Patrick Wyeth: @Patrick Wyeth has joined the channel
2019-08-13 12:26:25 UTC - Sijie Guo: recyled seems to be related to 
double-releasing a bytebuf
2019-08-13 12:44:09 UTC - Alexandre DUVAL: so it's an issue on java pulsar 
2019-08-13 12:46:42 UTC - Sijie Guo: No I think it is a broker side issue from 
the exception signature.
2019-08-13 13:55:54 UTC - Alexandre DUVAL: can you create an issue related to 
this? not sure how to well describe it
2019-08-13 14:43:45 UTC - Marcus Almeida: @Marcus Almeida has joined the channel
2019-08-13 14:45:17 UTC - Marcus Almeida: Hi guys!
I would like to know if is it possible to replay messages on Pulsar?
2019-08-13 14:47:35 UTC - Chris Bartholomew: For sure, you just need to use the 
reader interface instead of the consumer interface: 
2019-08-13 14:53:34 UTC - Marcus Almeida: @Chris Bartholomew Thx for your help! 
I'm looking for Kafka's alternative and Pulsar appears until now a good option.
2019-08-13 15:08:17 UTC - Tarek Shaar: Quick question about subscribers. If 
there are no subscribers to a topic and a producer sends a message, is that 
message marked as acknowledged immediately? If yes how will new subscribers get 
the message? My understanding is that the message s deleted (by default) once 
2019-08-13 15:13:25 UTC - venki: @venki has joined the channel
2019-08-13 15:14:05 UTC - Chris Bartholomew: Without a subscription, the 
message is not held in the backlog for consumers. However, Pulsar can retain 
acknowledged messages. If the message is retained, new clients (connected after 
the message is sent) can retrieve the message using the reader interface.
2019-08-13 15:16:03 UTC - Chris Bartholomew: Message retention is described 
2019-08-13 15:23:04 UTC - Tarek Shaar: Very interesting that by default if 
consumers are not active the messages will be missed. Thanks Chris
2019-08-13 15:25:19 UTC - Chris Bartholomew: In my experience, this is common 
in messaging systems that support a subscription model.
2019-08-13 15:27:20 UTC - Tarek Shaar: I thought Durable subscribers in JMS 
(for example) will get the message when they come back on line.
2019-08-13 15:27:55 UTC - venki: Regarding Pulsar Functions, the docs mention 
future support for other languages:


Is there a roadmap for this? Is C++ there on this roadmap in the nearterm?
2019-08-13 15:30:09 UTC - Chris Bartholomew: Yes, if you create a durable 
subscription first. However, if there are no matching subscriptions when a 
publishing a JMS message, it is not stored in any JMS implementation I have 
worked with.
2019-08-13 15:46:37 UTC - Marcus Almeida: What permissions the Pulsar Functions 
in GO need to be deployed?
I'm tryin' to deploy a executable function, but i received the message log 
"error=13, Permission denied"
2019-08-13 16:02:13 UTC - Sijie Guo: @Marcus Almeida I think you need make it 
have executable permissions.  I think there is a fix in master for the 
executable permission, which will be released as part of 2.4.1 release. /cc 
@xiaolong.ran he has more context on this.
2019-08-13 16:03:02 UTC - Sijie Guo: Python and Java are the two languages 
which are fully supported.
2019-08-13 16:03:07 UTC - Sijie Guo: Go is catching up.
2019-08-13 16:04:29 UTC - Sijie Guo: We didn’t see many requests on C++ 
functions. But if there are requests for it, we can consider prioritizing it.
2019-08-13 16:15:57 UTC - Marcus Almeida: @Sijie Guo Nice! I'll continue 
testing using Python and Java, and wait for 2.4.1 release.
2019-08-13 16:50:52 UTC - Tarek Shaar: So in Pulsar there is no Durable Sub 
model? The only way is to use the Reader API?
2019-08-13 17:11:49 UTC - Yuvaraj Loganathan: You can create an subscription 
and seek from the beginning or from specific time
2019-08-13 18:42:24 UTC - Marcus Almeida: Where can I find an example of a 
Function using SerDe implemented in Python?
2019-08-13 18:50:23 UTC - Steven: I am trying to understand how long it takes 
Pulsar's metrics at http://$BROKER_ADDRESS:8080/metrics to update to reflect 
current system state. For example, if I publish 1 message/second, then 
`pulsar_rate_in` is 1.0. But if I suddenly start publishing 2 messages/second, 
then `pulsar_rate_in` stays at 1.0 and takes ~60 seconds to change to 2.0. Is 
it possible to reduce this lag?
2019-08-13 18:53:57 UTC - Ali Ahmed: @Marcus Almeida take a look here 
2019-08-13 18:54:23 UTC - Ali Ahmed: @Steven the default update frequency is 60 
2019-08-13 18:54:42 UTC - Chris Bartholomew: @Marcus Almeida This example is in 
the repo: 
2019-08-13 18:54:53 UTC - Chris Bartholomew: Is this what you are looking for?
2019-08-13 19:09:08 UTC - Marcus Almeida: @Ali Ahmed thx. I'll try to use 
something like this.
2019-08-13 19:21:55 UTC - Tarek Shaar: I am trying to create mutiple dynamic 
topics in Pulsar. But it seems that I need to create a producer and a topic 
together to be able to do that. How can I create a topics dynamically then 
associate multiple producers with it?
2019-08-13 19:22:56 UTC - Ali Ahmed: @Tarek Shaar you can use the pulsar admin 
to create topics
2019-08-13 19:23:20 UTC - Tarek Shaar: I need Dynamic topics depending in real 
2019-08-13 19:23:57 UTC - Ali Ahmed: if a producer or consumer is started with 
a topic name it will be auto created if it doesn’t exist
2019-08-13 19:27:24 UTC - Tarek Shaar: That's correct. But let's assume we 
create (dynamically) a topic called topic1 by creating a new producer. How can 
I use that same producer to publish to another topic? Surely the relation can't 
be 1 to 1. There has to be a way to create an N number of producers and use 
those to publish to as many dynamic topics as needed
2019-08-13 19:29:31 UTC - Ali Ahmed: I am not sure what you are trying to do if 
the goal is routing messages to specific topics you can can use pulsar 
functions for that.
2019-08-13 19:32:58 UTC - Tarek Shaar: In my application we use one topic per 
user. Am trying to pool a number of producers (for example 10) and reuse those 
ones to publish to different topics rather than having to create a new producer 
for each new topic.
2019-08-13 20:02:59 UTC - goutham m: @goutham m has joined the channel
2019-08-13 20:53:27 UTC - Karthik Ramasamy: 
2019-08-13 21:02:00 UTC - Chris Bartholomew: Looking at the binary protocol 
docs (<https://pulsar.apache.org/docs/en/develop-binary-protocol/#producer>), 
I'd be surprised if this is possible. It looks like topic authorization is done 
when the producer is created and then messages are sent in the context of the 
producer. So, to send on a different topics, you would need a different 
2019-08-14 01:30:49 UTC - msk: Oh that is great, i thought it cannot run 
without docker. Thanks a lot:) I will try this and get back.
2019-08-14 06:41:31 UTC - Kim Christian Gaarder: There is. When you subscribe, 
that subscription will live forever until you unsubscribe, even if you consumer 
client is disconnected.
2019-08-14 06:42:28 UTC - Kim Christian Gaarder: Then when you 
reconnect/resubscribe on the same subscription later, you will get all the 
messages that arrives since after the message that was last acknowledged
2019-08-14 08:01:49 UTC - dba: Hi guys. Just want to give you a quick update on 
the development of the Pulsar client for C#.
We have a working client and we are currently testing it.
Featurewise this is what we will be releasing:
* Client: Supports auto reconnect, lookup and server initiated closing of 
producers and consumers.
* Consumer: Optionally setting name, initial position, priority level and 
receiver queue size. Exclusive, Shared and Failover (with 
ACTIVE_CONSUMER_CHANGE) subscription types are supported. Individual and 
Cumulative acknowledgement, getting last message id, receiving messages (and 
REACHED_END_OF_TOPIC), seek and unsubscribe.
* Producer: Optionally setting name and initial sequence id. Can produces 
messages with and without metadata.
* Reader: Optionally setting name and receiver queue size.
The client is written entirely in C# and the only dependencies are protobuf-net 
and System.IO.Pipelines.
So, it is going great and as promised it will be released under the Apache 
License 2.0. We aim for moving to GitHub and creating a NuGet package in 
October (we are waiting for C# 8.0 and .NET Core 3.0 to be released).
+1 : Ali Ahmed, Sijie Guo, Henrik Andersen
100 : Sijie Guo
tada : Sijie Guo
2019-08-14 08:05:11 UTC - Ali Ahmed: is there a F# wrapper also ?
2019-08-14 08:11:33 UTC - dba: Having never used F# I am not 100% sure, but 
since C# is just compiled to MSIL, I would guess that you can use it from F# 
and the other .NET languages.

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