2018-03-11 02:17:05 UTC - Karthik Palanivelu: @Matteo Merli I was trying 
offline to have the geo replication works fine to demo  for my leadership but 
was taking lot of time to set it up in AWS as I need to build everything from 
ground. But the idea of standalone shared above would be of great help to sell 
it faster. One question I have here is how does producer switch automatically 
to next region in case of a failure? Is this need to be handled at Route53 in 
2018-03-11 02:22:28 UTC - Matteo Merli: Hi, the produce doesn't switch 
automatically, since, generally you can have out of order messages when 

I the using route53 and changing the DNS is the best option to do a manual 
failover when one cluster is completely down 

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