2018-04-15 09:11:11 UTC - Ola Angelsmark: @Ola Angelsmark has joined the channel
2018-04-15 21:16:50 UTC - Igor Zubchenok: Of cause I execute all operations, 
get futures and then wait for completion all of them. So... I actually get a 
weak performance. Version 1.22. But as I already noted, I use 
`pulsar-client-admin-original:1.22.0-incubating`, cause 
`pulsar-client-admin:1.22.0-incubating` does not work due to issue #1409.
2018-04-15 21:17:24 UTC - Igor Zubchenok: @Matteo Merli could you comment this 
case? it's similar to issue that @Vasily Yanov has.
2018-04-16 00:33:19 UTC - Matteo Merli: Ok, then the only explanation I can 
suspect next is the Pulsar standalone (which includes ZooKeeper) is on a HDD? 

You can speed up ZooKeeper operations by disabling fsync on the transaction 
log. Add `-Dzookeeper.forceSync=no` to the Java options for standalone.
2018-04-16 03:17:21 UTC - Poule: when is 2.0?
2018-04-16 03:21:00 UTC - Matteo Merli: we’re targeting to start release 
process in ~1 more week
2018-04-16 04:55:33 UTC - Poule: and how long is the release process
2018-04-16 04:57:21 UTC - Matteo Merli: there are 2 votes to be done, one in 
Pulsar dev@ list and then on Apache incubator list. Each vote takes a min of 3 
days to ensure everyone has chance to try and vote on the release.
2018-04-16 04:58:42 UTC - Poule: ok

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