I am trying to wrap my head around the association of topics and queues
with an exchange. Here is my understanding so far (please correct me if I
am wrong). In the end I have a question .

Point 1:
Whenever we create a queue by default it is under the default exchange
amq.direct.We can move this queue to a different direct exchange using the
bind command shown below:

./qpid-config bind NameOfDirectExchange NameOfQueue bindingKey

Now I would like to know more about topics. Whenever we create a topic we
use the command resembling the one below

./qpid-config add exchange topic news

Now the above command is basically creating an exchange of topic type.

My question is how can I create a topic without creating a new exchange  ?
Say if I wanted to create a topic under the default exchange amq.topic?

Is it possible for one exchange to have both topics and queues ? I would
think not because an exchnage can be either Direct , topic , fanout or
headers am I correct ?

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