Indeed it would work but ideally I'd like to be stateless thus the reset of the 
statistics on the broker side.
Or even better could these metrics be published directly by the broker ReST API?

Olivier V

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Hi Olivier

AFAIR, I looked at the code at the UI console a couple of months ago and the 
throughput per queues / exchange is calculated with a diff between total 
messages every sec.
This is done in the Js

I guess that should answer your need


On Thu 1 Feb 2018 at 11:34, Olivier VERMEULEN <overmeule...@gmail.com>

> Hello,
> We are currently implementing a messaging cluster with 
> dispatch-routers and Java brokers.
> To be able to use it in production we are required to provide a few 
> statistics.
> I see that I can use the broker ReST API to query some statistics on 
> the queues, exchanges,...
> One of the statistics we are asked to provide is a the throughput of 
> messages and the throughput of data going in and out of a queue.
> The ReST API gives me the total number of messages and total size of 
> data going in and out of the queue. But to be able to calculate a 
> throughput I need a way to reset those statistics.
> I read something about that for Broker-J 6.1.X but didn't find any 
> reference to it for version 7. Is it expected? Is this use case 
> supported and if yes how?
> Thanks,
> Olivier

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