Hi Olivier V

Broker-J did expose a resetStatistics method  at the Broker and
VirtualHost level, but this for historical reasons,  these only ever
reset  a subset of statistics exposed by the Broker.  The newer
cumulative statistics were never included - which was always a bug.

The problem was that in order to reset all counters to zero
atomically, you would need to lock. This wasn't acceptable from a
performance perspective for what is an orthogonal concern.  Without
locking, you'd always risk your accounting being out.  One of the
use-cases for the statistics is demonstrating that the Broker has not
lost a message, something that could not be achieved if the tallies
weren't consistent.  The methods were removed by QPID-7799.


On 2 February 2018 at 08:27, VERMEULEN Olivier
<olivier.vermeu...@murex.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Indeed it would work but ideally I'd like to be stateless thus the reset of 
> the statistics on the broker side.
> Or even better could these metrics be published directly by the broker ReST 
> API?
> Olivier V
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> Hi Olivier
> AFAIR, I looked at the code at the UI console a couple of months ago and the 
> throughput per queues / exchange is calculated with a diff between total 
> messages every sec.
> This is done in the Js
> I guess that should answer your need
> Olivier.
> On Thu 1 Feb 2018 at 11:34, Olivier VERMEULEN <overmeule...@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> We are currently implementing a messaging cluster with
>> dispatch-routers and Java brokers.
>> To be able to use it in production we are required to provide a few
>> statistics.
>> I see that I can use the broker ReST API to query some statistics on
>> the queues, exchanges,...
>> One of the statistics we are asked to provide is a the throughput of
>> messages and the throughput of data going in and out of a queue.
>> The ReST API gives me the total number of messages and total size of
>> data going in and out of the queue. But to be able to calculate a
>> throughput I need a way to reset those statistics.
>> I read something about that for Broker-J 6.1.X but didn't find any
>> reference to it for version 7. Is it expected? Is this use case
>> supported and if yes how?
>> Thanks,
>> Olivier
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