On 13/03/18 10:25, Michael Ivanov wrote:

On 16.02.2018 21:37, Gordon Sim wrote:

If the queue is both auto-delete and exclusive, it is deleted when the link 
that caused it to be created is closed. If it is
auto-delete only, it is deleted when it is 'no longer used', which is currently 
interpreted by qpidd to being when there are no
links to it in either direction.In AMQP 1.0 this can also be controlled through 
the 'lifetime-policy' property in the
dynamic-node-properties field.

Unfortunately the messenger API gives you no control over the type of queue you 
request, nor (I think) does it allow you to
close senders (which may in itself be a problem) or use an anonymous sender.

Does proton have alternate interface which would allow to specify type of 
temporary queue or lifetime policy?

Yes, the recommended API for proton provides better controller over the various aspects of the protocol than the messenger API did: https://qpid.apache.org/proton/index.html

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