Yes, that is fine - the "default" Virtual Host has no special meaning, it's
just supplied as part of the default configuration so that people can start

-- Rob

On 13 March 2018 at 13:26, bryand <> wrote:

> We are using Broker-J 7.0.2.  We are utilizing High Availability and I've
> configured a Virtual Host and Virtual Host Nodes and we do not utilize the
> 'default' Virtual Host Nodes in any of our Broker-J instances.   Just to
> keep the configuration clean, I would like to delete the 'default'
> VirtualHostNodes from each Broker-J instance.  I wanted to double check
> doing that will be ok.  I've done it with our development environment and
> all seems fine but wanted to make sure before doing it in our Test and
> Production environments.
> Thanks
> Bryan
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