2018-04-06 9:22 GMT-04:00 Michiel Lange <mla...@anwb.nl>:

> Hi,
> I use Qpid Dispatch to route JMS to an Artemis broker, which I have
> configured to use LDAP; allowing certain groups to create queues, send
> messages or receive.
> I am strugging getting Qpid dispatch to even use authentication, leave
> alone if the authentication information would be stored in LDAP (rather
> than a separate sasl database)
> At the moment I am running qpid-dispatch 1.0.0, running like this (all of
> these are currently using ANONYMOUS as saslMechanism, which is not really
> what I was hoping for)
> Host 1: contains only listeners
> Host 2: contains connectors, connecting to Host 1 (inter-router) and the
> actual brokers (route-container); This one also contains the linkRoutes to
> the defined brokers based on their prefix.
> I cannot really find that much in the documentation on how to setup
> authorization

You are right about the doc, I've raised
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DISPATCH-958 - feel free to add any
comments or suggestions.

I am fairly certain that dispatch can use LDAP, but unfortunately I don't
know the details. I am in an environment with Kerberos configured and the
SASL plugin in default-configured dispatch (all default SASL mechs enabled)
does send LDAP requests  over my VPN - they don't do anything useful since
I am not set up for that but the plugin is definitely active and that
mechanism is being tried.

I'm quite certain this is just a (painful) configuration problem, so
hopefully we can help you through it and improve the doc in the process.

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