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>> No. The problem is that a transaction could involve messages to/from
>> different brokers, i.e. the transaction would become a distributed
>> transaction. At present there is no support for that in the router.
> We talked before about this: the idea was to start a non-distributed TX
> based on the first broker involved, and abort it if it attempts to spread
> to more brokers. However this approach would really create a lot of
> potential for error and confusion, as well as complexity in the router.
> The
> conclusion was that such a partial solution would probably do more harm
> than good, and if we want to move towards multi-broker TX we should put
> our
> effort into proper standard distributed TX and not some halfway solution.
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Agree with that one; a proper distributed TX would indeed be the best
solution; Couldn't find any issue in the Jira, are there plans to build
this? I think it would be a great addition.

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