Hi All,


I encouterd a missing subscriptiongroup problem today. I have a cluster with 2 
master deployed on 2 servers,  and one of server stopped for lose power. After 
power on the server, then restart the server. When checking if the server is 
back, I use statsAll command to view the topic & subscriptiongruop status. I 
found there are in&out tps for the topic and subscriptiongroup.

But later, business application found the restarted server can only be used to 
send topic. When consume from this topic with existing subscriptiongroup, will 
get an error “subscriptiongroup”not existd. And I checked the 
subscriptiongroup.json, found the missed subscriptiongroup already be there. At 
last, I create the subscriptiongroup on the broker again, the the consumer can 
consume from the server.

Want to know, if anybody know why the subscriptiongroup missed on the restarted 
server? And if so, how can we resolve it?

Thanks in advance.



     Justin Liu


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