Also make sure you clean or delete your bin/js-debug and bin/js-release 
folders.  The compiler does not overwrite your bin/js-debug files that come 
from SWCs because it assumes they haven't changed and speeds up compilation.  
Only the output .js files for the source that is being compiled overwrites 
existing .js files.  So, you can upgrade to a later build and find that your JS 
app doesn't pick up fixes because it is still using older versions.


From: Piotr Zarzycki 
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Date: Thursday, February 8, 2018 at 1:28 AM
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Subject: Re: Amended Button still not in Nightly Build

Hi Doug,

Where did you download your nightly build ? It looks like it is not the right 
place. The Royale nightly build is here [1] (JS, SWF) version, [2] (JSOnly)


Thanks, Piotr

2018-02-08 10:24 GMT+01:00 doug777 
I can see the Button component has had the mouse events added for the js
compiler at<>

That's great and many thanks for that!

But it's still not in the Nightly builds.

This file in the downloaded sdk
frameworks\projects\Basic\src\main\flex\org\apache\flex\html\ is
still the unamended version with only the click event available for js.

Any chance the updated version could be added to the nightly builds sometime


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