What is difference between Panel and PanelwithControlbar?
We are replacing TitleWindow with Panel/PanelwithControlbar. 
Close & creationcomplete are the events that we were using with TitleWindow. 
what would be alternate for these two events in Panel/PanelwithControlbar? 


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Hi Aleena,

I think this question belongs to the Royale list, so I'm adding it. I
believe Panel and PanelWithControlBar can be equivalent to that.

Thanks, Piotr

2018-02-06 10:44 GMT+01:00 Alina Kazi <alina.k...@d-bz.com>:

> Hi,
> I am using s:TitleWindow and porting my app to Apache Flexjs/Royale I can't
> find any substitute of it.
> Kindly let me know if there is any other alternate for similar
> functionality.
> Aleena


Piotr Zarzycki

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