Yes, great job.

I like the way the website looks, but noticed it took several seconds to load.  
It would be interesting, now that we have tools for generating ValueObjects and 
fixed a few other bugs, to see you get the js-release version running and see 
if that speeds up initial load.  We need to continue to learn what it takes to 
make our code survive minification.


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Date: Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 9:56 AM
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Subject: Re: Say Hello to TranspiledActionScript Idea!

That is really cool! You did a really nice job on that. I’m very impressed by 
the website.

Keep up the awesome work!


On Feb 22, 2018, at 4:59 PM, Piotr Zarzycki 
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Hi Folks,

Almost four months ago, I created a repository on GitHub called 
TranspiledActionScript [1]. It is a place where I'm going to place several 
resources related to Apache Royale. The Examples folder should be the most 
interesting for you, if you want to port your applications from Flex. The idea 
is to present more sophisticated structures of code, maybe use some popular 
JavaScript or ActionScript libraries and check how they cooperate with Royale.

My goal is to try the new features in real-life, expose any possible bugs and 
fix them, if it is possible.

Everything that I am going to do will happen on the branches. Once a batch of 
Examples, Utils or Snippets is ready, I will merge them into a master. For our 
purposes, we can call it a "release", but in fact it will rather be a 
confirmation that there is a batch of code which has a stable version. Each 
example will be available online to give you the possibility to play with it.
You will find more information on what I am planning to do and what will happen 
in the repository in the "Issues"[2] tab on GitHub.

Examples will be fully compatible with Moonshine IDE, VSCode and Maven and it 
will be possible to compile all of them to JavaScript!

What is currently in the repository?
I finished three examples - The TranspiledActionScript website [3] and the port 
of Flex PureMVC Employee Admin [4] to Royale using two different modules of our 
framework, i.e. the Basic module [5] and MDL [6].

The TranspiledActionScript website is a small proof that we can create not only 
browser applications, but also responsive websites.
The PureMVC Employee Admin, on the other hand, proves that it can be used in 
Royale PureMVC framework, which is huge. These two small applications are a 
good example of how the port of your Flex application to Royale can look like.

You can support this project on Patreon [7]. Your contribution would definitely 
allow me to spare some time, which I can spend on creating new content for the 

I encourage you to dig into the code and maybe find something useful, which 
will save your time when porting your Flex applications to Royale.

Please say hello to TranspiledActionScript! :)



Piotr Zarzycki


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