thanks a lot Chris we found error that say "error = kern_recvit(td, s, mp,
we google it and if we can't find the solution, we make a other mail-list.

We wish the best for you.

On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 11:54 AM Chris Johns <> wrote:

> On 14/8/19 3:56 pm, mojtaba nadi wrote:
> > thanks Sebastian for your answer but we are new in rtems and don't know
> how to
> > use debugger.
> > can you help us please?
> A simple way to see the code that caused the exception is to run:
>  arm-rtems5-objdump -d --source my.exe | less
> then search for the address `0116a5` in `less` by entering `/0116a5`.
> Replace
> `my.exe` with the name of the ELF file you ran on the board.
> Chris
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