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On 25/03/2020 16:13, Michele Dekleva wrote:

My customer request me to use RTEMS 4.11.3 so i need to use this version.

this makes little sense given that we are about to release RTEMS 5 soon.

Also consider that the FPGA based CortexM3 use a 133 MHz clock so I’m quite surprise that there could be problems with this CPU/clock.

Anyway, since by apply little modification to some tests (just like the ones I’ve indicated) all test complete correctly, from your point of view this solution could be considered valid in order to accept the BSP  ?

At the moment I don’t see any test failed because of a critical issue (such as a broken driver or incorrect time measurement): almost all problems are on synchronization between tasks, avoidable with minimal modifications on task’s source code.

I would run the testsuite with the RTEMS master.
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