Okay thanks fort he replies.

What is needed to be sling developer and implement this feature?


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Agreed, it'd be nice to have, but request parameters cannot be included in the 
default injectors list for the reason which Stefan lists. Would it make sense 
to use the @Source annotation and add support for injectors which are not 
considered by default?

On Fri, Oct 7, 2016 at 8:40 AM, Stefan Seifert <sseif...@pro-vision.de>

> hello christoph.
> i currently see no hard reason against it, and implementing such an
> injector+additional annotation would be easy.
> it opens a bit more "attack surface" because potentially unsafe data 
> from outside is directly injected in your model (perhaps without you 
> noticing it when you use the generic @Inject annotation which iterates 
> over all injectors for the first match).
> so perhaps it would make sense allowing such an injection only when a 
> specific @RequestParameter annotation is used.
> stefan
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> >Hello!
> >
> >My question to discuss: Why doesn't support Sling Models an adapation 
> >from SlingRequest to inject the request parameters (not the request
> attributes).
> >
> >I think form handling will be easier with this adaption.
> >
> >Christoph

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