Not sure why this worked in JR2 (and whether that was a  bug or a feature).

IMO you need to test for /jcr:root//*[fn:name() = 'test'] (or if there
are no other conditions simply /jcr:root//test).


On Mon, Oct 10, 2016 at 1:14 PM, Roy Teeuwen <> wrote:
> Hey all,
> I’m not really getting a reply in the oak-dev channel, so I might as well 
> also try here because I’m trying it in a sling application :)
> When doing the following XPath query in JCR 2, it would select me all the 
> nodes that has a subnode named test. But since upgrading to oak, this query 
> does not work anymore. Is there a reason this stopped working or a way to 
> make it work again
> Some query example:
> /jcr:root//*[test] or 
> /jcr:root/content/site//element(*,nt:unstructured)[@jcr:createdBy='admin' and 
> test]
> Greetings,
> Roy

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