you mean a bundle with Sling-Intial-Content containing a json file which should 
be imported as binary file?

by default the JCR content loader tries to parse the JSON file and import it as 
content structure. you can disable this behavior for your bundle by adding a 
"ignoreImportProviders" directive (see [1]) the the bundle header.

example for Sling-Initial-Content header:

filevault-typical structures like xyz.dir do not work in this context. you just 
name your file xyz.json and it is imported as nt:file node names xyz.json.



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>Sent: Sunday, March 19, 2017 7:24 PM
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>Subject: Bundle based JCR File
>I want to add a JSon file to Sling as JCR Node (primary type nt:file)
>inside a Bundle Content.
>Is that possible and if how does the structure look like:
>In the XML based export the structure looks like this:
>- my-file (raw file)
>- my-file.dir
>       - .content.xml (jcr:root of type nt:file with a jcr:content of type
>nt:resource and the files mime type)
>I tried the following:
>- my-file
>- my-file.dir.json with a JSon-ified version of the XML)
>but that did not work.
>Cheers - Andy Schaefer

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