I have been working on developing a Perl interface for events conflict
management, in context of resources (conference rooms etc.).

I am not sure if its the ideal way for modifying events directly over CalDAV
using simple get and put statements using a bit of text processing to
accept/reject events (by simply modifying the PARTSTAT parameter), but it
works for pretty much all cases, except when modifying a particular
occurrence of a recurring event. The behavior seems pretty weird.

So, if I have a recurring event that's been accepted by the attendee, and a
modified occurrence is supposed to be declined, then changing the PARTSTAT
for that occurrence from NEEDS-ACTION to DECLINED causes the original
event(with PARTSTAT = ACCEPTED) to be declined instead of that occurrence,
whose PARTSTAT parameter remains unchanged.

Any suggestions to figure out this behavior and this approach of generic
get/put actions ?

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