On 15/12/11 21:59, supp...@conley-inc.com wrote:
We have been running Thunderbird 3.1.x with SOGo Lightning 1.0b2.105i and both
Connector and Integrator 3.105 installed.  We just upgraded to SOGo Lightning
1.0b2.108i and Connector/Integrator 3.108.

On the back end, we are running SOGo 1.3.8b-1 on CentOS6.

Previously, the Address Book in Thunderbird had three buttons (icons) just
above the list of address books on the left side of the screen.  These buttons
allowed a user to create a new address book, subscribe to an address book, or
delete an address book.  While similar buttons still exist in the calendar
screen, it seems these buttons are no longer available in the Address Book.  I
tried wiping out the Thunderbird profile, and creating an entirely new profile
just to make sure that this wasn't some sort of profile corruption.

Are you getting any errors from Tools -> Error Console. If so, best to post them here ..

I've seen this happen. I have a clean profile where the buttons come up fine, but my other much more well used Thunderbird profile, the buttons have gone missing from both the Calendars and address book.

I don't think this behaviour is by design though


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