I've just installed SOGo, and really like it.  However, I agree that
authenticating against IMAP would be a fantastic feature.  I don't use LDAP,
and all the existing accounts on the system are real users (think /etc/passwd).
 Finding a way of authenticating users against LDAP or a database mean that my
users need to store passwords in multiple places, and use multiple tools to
change them.

I looked over the code a bit to see if I could add it myself, but I'm a
c-coder, and have never worked with Objective C (so I'll probably do something
horribly wrong architecturally).  However, someone with the appropriate
knowledge could probably whip out a new authentication type in short order...

If nobody's up for it, I guess I'll eventually learn Objective C and do it
myself, but I'd really rather not :)


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