On 28/12/11 15:31, Mirko Stoffers wrote:
On 12/28/2011 03:23 PM, Ludovic Marcotte wrote:
On 28/12/11 06:18, Mirko Stoffers wrote:
I've got the following problem: When I create an event via the web interface, it is also visible in TB (at least, after pushing reload). When I move this event, it is also moved in TB. However, when I delete the event in the web interface, it is still visible in TB
(even after pushing reload or restarting TB).

Any ideas?
Which version of the extensions are you using? IIRC we fixed such issues in the latest
version of the extensions.
SOGo: 1.3.11
Thunderbird: 3.1.17, Windows XP 32 Bit
Lightning: 1.0b2.108i
Connector/Integrator: 3.108 (the version linked in the download area)
Ludovic, I have seen similar issues to this, ie where Thunderbird still shows events that are deleted in Web calendar since 1.06 Integrator and Connector (1.05 appears to be fine). I tried 1.08i Connector and Integrator too but it made no difference.

Obviously this is quite a significant issue which has meant we've had to hold back on releasing 1.06 + to everyone..

Hope you can help ... ?

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