Thanks for the suggestions.

Le 13/03/12 10:16, Ludovic Marcotte a écrit :
> Instead of :
>         RequestHeader set "x-webobjects-remote-host" ""
> use:
>         RequestHeader set "x-webobjects-remote-host" %{REMOTE_HOST}e

I tried that (and with quotes around the value) and had some weird
results when requesting "/", but in any case it didn't seem to fix the

What does the x-webobjects-remote-host header do? If anything, it seems
like it would just inform SOGo of the client's IP address, but I doubt
that it would affect the server's address as generated in the HTML,
which is the problem.

> Also:
>         BalancerMember retry=1 max=1 timeout=120
>         BalancerMember retry=1 max=1 timeout=120
> is most likely wrong. I don't recall if v1.3.6 had the master process
> code which is dispatching requests to child processes but you could
> easily verify this by checking if port 20001 is open.

Thanks, I'll have a a look into this (and the former a bit more) out of
business hours when I can muck around with it more.


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