mayak-cq <> writes:

> hi all,
> i just wanted to remind everyone that activesync is working with sogo
> through the use of z-push with a carddav and caldav backend.
> in the first release, calendars and address books were read-only,
> however, the code base has been modified to allow both read and write.
> please do feel free to test and report your results back here.
> and of course, a round of applause to francois lacroix for his php
> programming .


thanks a lot for that, it seems very promising an fills a big hole in
sogo's functionnality :-)

One remark: sogosync assumes that the username/password used for sogo
should be valid on the imap server. But in sogo I can configure other
credentials for the imap account, which makes sogosync refuse the sogo
credentials since all backends should authenticate.

Would it be possible to get the imap credentials from sogo (and let's be
bold while asking, including the imap configuration :-), or at least
make an imap authentication error non blocking in sogosync ? In this
latter case, just don't provide the mail service to the device if imap
auth fails.

Other than that, I use sogosync from an android cm9 device, and the
events do not appear in the calendar. They are synchronized, because I
can create an event on the android and it will appear in sogo and in
lightning, but as soon as I sync it it disappear from the android
device. And events created in sogo do not appear on the android.

Tell me if you need more info, or if I can do anything to help.

Thanks a lot,


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