So now try clearing your cache, change computers, change browsers. Try as many different combinations of different computers and different browsers and clearing your cache as you can until you get it to work! If it still does not work then I am stumped.

On 05/22/2012 03:20 AM, James James wrote:
I rebooted the entire server but nothing special.

I don't have the error message anymore (unexpected envelope address) but the mail tab is always empty.

2012/5/21 Aaron C Johnson < <>>

    James James wrote:
    Thanks for your answer Christian,

    but� I saw this post and the restart-clear-the-cache action
    doesn't work for me. The mail tab is still empty.

    James- Try restarting the entire server if you can. Most likely
    you have a stale sogod process hanging around that won't close out
    so you might need to reboot.

    2012/5/21 Christian Mack <

        Hello James James

        On 2012-05-20 23:44, James James wrote:
        > since the sogo-1.3.15, my users email cannot been
        displayed. The
        > calendar works well but no email.
        > I've got this error message :
        > May 20 21:27:00 sogod [13044]: [WARN]
        > <0x0x1dbf878[UIxEnvelopeAddressFormatter]> unexpected
        envelope address:
        > <0x0x1e7b5e8[NGImap4EnvelopeAddress]:>
        > May 20 21:30:01 sogod [13044]: [WARN]
        > <0x0x442dde8[UIxEnvelopeAddressFormatter]> unexpected
        envelope address:
        > <0x0x43502d8[NGImap4EnvelopeAddress]:>
        > Can sombody help me ?

        There was a thread about this just 2 days back.

        A) You have to stop sogod and start it up again.
        Restart is not sufficient.
        B) If your users have problems afterwards, they have to clear
        browser cache.

        Kind regards,
        Christian Mack

        Christian Mack
        Gruppe Informationsdienste
        Rechenzentrum Universit�t Konstanz


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