I agree that SOGo web interface should be skinable and could use some visual improvements, but I actually think that compared to Zimbra and other owa clones that SOGo is clean, fast and as a result it is easy to figure out. The ability to make changes to colors, icons, and simple css tweaks would be nice though in SOGo.

On 06/18/2012 09:38 AM, Federico Alberto Sayd wrote:
On 18/06/12 05:25, Fonzy wrote:

I known that the Web UI of SOGo is dedicated to be a clone of Thunderbird, but is there a way to make it skinable ? Imagine SOGo with Outlook compatibility and a beautifull clone of Exchange Web UI : The perfect Exchange clone, isn't !

But ok, it's simply an idea (may be bad)


I also think that a skinnable Web UI would be a great idea. May be this is not the best argument but some users complain about the look of SOGo WebUI, some of them say that compared with Zimbra, SOGo is ugly. I see the technical advantages of SOGo (Scalability, interoperability with our actual mail infraestructure, standard compliant, etc.) but final users focuses on the look and feel, and "final users" sadly includes the boss.



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