I use SOGo almost exclusively on Safari and never had this problem. Do you have 
any relative (non-FQDN) host names in your config? What does your apache config 
say about SOGo?

Viele Grüsse,
-Marcel Waldvogel
(kurz&bündig da mobil)

Am 01.10.2012 um 11:28 schrieb Stefan Peter <stefan.pe...@ymail.com>:

> Hello *,
> I've a problem to connect to Sogo via webfrontend with Safari Browser (Mac).
> If I login via webfrontend the browser - I guess - is redirected to
> https://<domain>/SOGo/so/<username>/view  and then to Email, Calendar
> ... like the user settings.
> This works with Chrome, Firefox and Opera, but not with Safari (also not
> on my iPad). Safari tries to resolve https://sogo/so/<Username>/Mail ,
> which does not work, obviously.
> If I enter the URL https://<domain>/SOGo/so/<username>/Mail by hand, it
> works.
> Any suggestions?
> P.S.: I use Version 2.0.0 (@shiva 201209270030) on Debian squeeze and
> Safari  6.0.1
> -- 
> users@sogo.nu
> https://inverse.ca/sogo/lists

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