Am 11.01.2013 11:13, schrieb Götz Reinicke - IT Koordinator:
Am 11.01.13 10:55, schrieb Thoralf Schulze:

Am 11.01.2013 10:41 schrieb Götz Reinicke - IT Koordinator:
For the LIVE system we like to have sogo running as a virtual apache
host and secure as much as possible by using ssl.

hth, we are using debian squeeze.

with kind regards,

Wow hi big kòutóu :) I think that will help a lot!

        Thanks and regards . Götz

Hi Götz, hi Thoralf,

that setup looks quite similar to mine, but with two obvious differences:

1st/ I had to restrict my setup to one port for HTTPS. So I do not
have those additional HTTPS ports available.

2nd/ For those iDevices out there, and also the Android CalDAV
connector that I can highly recommend, I implemented the .well-known
setting in the web root. You can do that with Apache config files,
or just create a directory ".well-known" in the web root and add
some mini PHP files that redirect to the intended location as
caldav.php and carddav.php (I have multiviews on in that VM, so
the request /.well-known/carddav works). Files might look like
<? header("Location:";); ?>

This might also be handy when you have a multi-domain setup where
everyone just enters his own domain name (where the web-space
lives on HTTP only, probably, and no multi-domain certificate is
availble for) and is magically redirected to the SOGo service on the
right domain name, such that certificates work correctly etc.


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