Hello. I'm planning to migrate to Sogo,if this is the right tool for me. But 
before i must evaluate some things. I have tried the online demo and habe found 
that there ate some limitations for contacts. 


Migrate from where? What kind of functionality are you expecting to match / 

For now, im on Outlook.com for my private Mail and PIM Usage. But since i fear 
my Custom Domain is no longer supported in the future, i will move to a 
different solution.


Is it correct that there are only 2 e-mail fields? It's it possible to sync 
more than 2 fields with ActiveSync or with Outlook? 


Make sure you test EAS with reasonable amount of data before you call it 
working. I am talking GB’s and thousands of messages here.

Oh, storage is not my problem. All my Mailboxes are fare away from 1GB. Most of 
them are smaller as 200MB including all Mails, Calendar and Contacts.


Is it possible to install Sogo on a Shared Webhost where I have only access via 

I think not.

Thats bad. But maybe i could found a solution.


Are there Skins or Themes available to mimic a more modern look like 
Outlook.com <http://outlook.com> ?

Zentyal has “nicer” theme and I believe that SOGov3 will have one. 

After some search, i found a Demo of V3 and it looks a lot better than V2. 
Intrestingly, there are more fields for E-Mail Adresses. Thats very good news 
for me. Do you know, if i could connect with Outlook 2010 to one of the Demo 
Sites like http://demo.sogo.nu/SOGo or any other?


Can I use a external IMAP and SMTP Server? 

I *think* this should be possible. All three should use the same user 
authentication source though. (which is doable but kind of tricky).


Thats not the Problem. I can manage all Credentials for Mail myself.



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