I am trying to create some links on the SOGo index page (SOGoRootPage.wox) to
a page in the apache root directory (var/www/html) called foo.html.

The first attempt was <a href="/foo.html"> - but that produced example.com/
SOGo/foo.html and a not found error.

The second attempt was <a href="../../foo.html"> which worked until the user
logged in.  When the user then clicks the 'Disconnect' menu item to log out,
they are returned to: example.com/SOGo/so and not: example.com/SOGo where they
started from.  The result is the second link now produces example.com/SOGo/
foo.html and a not found error.

Is there a way to link from the SOGoRootPage which would work consistently?




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