we found today the problem causing the bug reported #3513 e #3573.

Composing a new email from SOGo webmail version 3, when you try to write down the email address in the "To" field, the email address is wrongly completed when you press '@', just like you press 'Return' instead. This issue does not let you write a complete email address not included in address book.

The issue happens in the following environment:

- Mac OS X

- Browser Safari or Chrome

- Italian keyboard layout (the '@' character and ';' character have the same keycode 186)

The workaround we found is the following.

In file:


change row 25316:

if (this.separatorKeys.indexOf(event.keyCode) !== -1)


if (this.separatorKeys.indexOf(event.keyCode) !== -1 && !(navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Mac") != -1 && event.keyCode == 186 && event.altKey)) {

In other words, it is an exception into angular material framework.

I am aware that this is not an elegant solution, but it is another step beyond to understand and fix the issue.

Maybe the 'separatorKeys' list does not include the alt+186 combination as an exception for completing the email address?

Is it possible to fix the code in order to include this case?

Thank you



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