On 7/13/2016 3:26 PM, Alexandre Zuotoski Neto (t...@csmcalderaria.com.br) wrote:
Do you mean from jpegPhoto and/or thumbnailPhoto attribute?
I'm interested in this method too :)

If isn't any way for set it, then it should be a fancy feature request (like 
the LDAP Attributes Mapping method).

Yes, that's what I mean. It works for Roundcube, Openfire, GLPI, etc.

Similar to a feature request I made, which was added to sogo, to show the public gravatar.com thumbnail photo, associated with any email address found in the header of any email message...

As I said, there's open source code for getting and displaying the jpegPhoto and thumbnailPhoto from the AD / LDAP attributes. This should be easily added to sogo. Every email address should show the small picture of the person next to it, it's a great way to make messaging more user-friendly today.


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