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>> The condition for leave out this package is to have clients using
>> Outlook 2013 or higher, right?

> Without OpenChange are two possibilities for MS Outlook support:
> 1) ActiveSync with Outlook 2013 and later.
> 2) Outlook CalDav Synchronizer with Outlook 2007 ane later.
> Do not be fooled by the 'CalDav' in the plugin name, because for some time 
> also allows to synchronize CardDAV! It is an open source and development is 
> very active. Plugin adds into MS Outlook exactly what is missing == CalDAV 
> and CardDAV. For more information, see:
> https://sourceforge.net/projects/outlookcaldavsynchronizer/
> I would say that with this plugin you do not need to deal with OpenChange.

Thank you for your contribution and to have confirmed that it requires
Outlook 2013 or later.

I remember some time ago someone from this list had recommended me using
the CalDAV Synchronizer plugin. I tried to access the site just now but
it seems that is temporarily inaccessible.

The interesting thing about this plugin is that, as someone said in this
subthread, it change the rules of the game. Because now it is no longer
use ActiveSync to synchronize calendar and contacts; any groupware
software with support of CalDAV/CardDAV could be used.

I think this has another positive result. When I've tested Outlook 2013
with ActiveSync, users was able to synchronize contacts, calendar and
emails. The latter makes users to have two email mailboxes in your
control panel, one corresponding to IMAP access and another for the
ActiveSync access. That could be confusing for some users.

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