Am 05.08.2016 um 06:24 schrieb Chris Coleman (
> Yes, it would be most convenient to make one automated build script
> which would do all these steps, and produce the rpms and debs.  So,
> anyone could run the script on their machine, it downloads openchange
> source, samba, and sogo source, it makes the build environment, and it
> builds openchange, samba, and sogo properly from source fully.  The
> script outputs the deb and rpm packages.  Minimal to no human
> intervention required.

I would like to intergrate the neccessary steps in my Docker Containers.

> On 8/4/2016 8:00 PM, Slávek Banko ( wrote:
>> I can say that building OpenChange packages is more complicated. The
>> first
>> obstacle was that on a clean build system occurred FTBFS. Another
>> obstacle is the dependence on a newer version of Samba... and Samba
>> brings the need for additional dependencies. And after build are
>> necessary additional python modules.
>> Do you really want to go through this again, when is already available
>> alternative repository of packages for Debian and Ubuntu?

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