thanks very much. I will try it in the next few days.
It would be somehow more user friendly if there would be a config option (like 
in apache2: production, testing, ...)



Am Mittwoch, Oktober 12, 2016 12:03 CEST, "Jan Laufik" ( 
<> schrieb:
   You can do that, just follow the procedure mentioned here:
 Then open ~sogo/GNUstep/Library/SOGo/Templates/MainUI/SOGoRootPage.wox in your 
favourite editor, look for the line containing "buildDate" and comment it out.

is there a possibility to remove the "info" Symbol on the logon page? At least 
the detailed version of my sogo install?
If the system is reachable over the web, there is no need to give anyone a hint 
on software, especially if you could use it to implement an attack.



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