I'd like to build rpm packages within a docker container.

I've created a Dockerfile/Run-Script for debian wheezy and jessie and
I'd like to do that also for centos6/7.

A very first fork of my debian scripts can be found at:

You're welcome to contribute.


Am 04.01.2017 um 00:13 schrieb Gordon Messmer (gordon.mess...@gmail.com):
> In order to reduce my own overhead, I scripted the process of building
> SOGo RPM packages (both v2 and v3) under mock.  Right now, the spec
> files don't include all of the build dependencies, so those have to be
> patched.  I've already sent pull requests for both v2 and v3 to correct
> that.
> https://github.com/gordonmessmer/build-sogo/tree/master
> (I've sent this before, but I don't see it in the list archives.)

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