Dear Friends,


I'm running Sogo 3.2.4 nightly build, I have no issues until now. I tried to
share a calender witj other mail user and I got this error:


Jan 09 12:48:24 sogod [7704]: [ERROR] <0x0x7f6dd3da1f88[SQLSource]> could
not run SQL 'SELECT * FROM users WHERE (LOWER(c_cn) LIKE '%vpineiro@%' OR
LOWER(mail) LIKE '%vpineiro@%') AND domain IS NULL': <MySQL4Exception:
0x7f6dd493d638> NAME:ExecutionFailed REASON:Unknown column 'domain' in
'where clause'

Jan 09 12:48:24 sogod [7704]: "GET
/SOGo/so/ HTTP/1.1" 200
13/0 0.010 - - -668K



I ave no changed to 9 tables MySQL schema. Is this the reason for that error


Thanks for your support.


Fernando Salas


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