I found the answer myself, sogo-tools already has this feature. If
anybody is interested, to subscribe another user to a calendar:

sudo -u sogo sogo-tool manage-acl subscribe user1 Calendar/personal user2

to subscribe user2 to the personal calendar of user1

On 07.06.19 17:08, "tim.ban...@gmail.com" (tim.ban...@gmail.com) wrote:
> Dear SOGo,
> as mentioned here:
> https://lists.inverse.ca/sogo/arc/users/2017-02/msg00065.html
> "... unfortunately the user still has to subscribe manually to the
> resource..."
> So, if I grant userX access to a calendar/address book of userY, userX
> still has to subscribe to this calendar.
> If I could also subscribe userX to userY's resource, userX would see the
> new resource immediately, without the need to find userY's calendar
> (which is very often too complicated).
> Is there any way to do this as administrator (e.g. via the database)? Or
> is this feature planned? I'm using latest sogo 4.x
> kind regards,
> Tim
> ps: "subscribe" in the subject triggered the reply that I shouldn't use
> commands. Therefore the misspelled subject.

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